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Mandravecchia oil is a very rare product , and so it will remain : you’ll find only a small number of bottles on the market because Basile’s one and only interest is that their oil can express at the top its personal quality , its character and the tight bonds with its homeland.

Mandravecchia is a typical Mediterranean oil , made of moresca and verdese olives , that from time immemorial here found favourable microclimatic conditions. The excellent product is due to this blend : moresca olive gives a delicate oil , with a light sweet flavor and an artichoke aftertaste ; on the contrary , the oil made of verdese olive has a stronger flavor , somewhat bitter and lightly hot. The two kinds of olives , mixed together in the percentage of 60% and 40% , give rise to an oil with the following characteristic:

  • colour : limpid , green with golden nuances.
  • odour : a medium fruity and grassy smell.
  • flavour : a medium fruity taste , somewhat bitter and lightly hot flavour , with artichoke aftertaste and distinguishing marks of tomato and asphodel.

This precious product goes perfectly with many dishes.

Moreover , as everybody knows , oil is a natural antioxidant for its great amount of polyphenols and its small quantity of peroxides ; Mandravecchia oil has a very low degree of acidity (only 0,2%) and for this reason it delays the cellular ageing processes.