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In 2003 Giorgio Basile and his sister Rosa imagined that the land possessed in Sicily by their family for ages could revive: so they decided to bring back into use the farm holding called “Mandravecchia”, located in Frigintini plain , near Modica ( in the province of Ragusa) , in the charming landscape of Monti Iblei.

Low walls in stone frame this land , always considered one of the best areas in Sicily for the olive growing , where imposing and solitary carob trees and century-old olives alternate.

Climate and position favour a cultivation that uses only natural working procedures: in the hills infact the temperature , mild during the day and cool in the night , and the always breezing wind are the natural oppositors of olive fly .
In this setting Basile Bros decided to plant land with a small olive grove : only two hundred trees per hectare (2471 acres) , maintaining the typical variety of olives , that is the two kinds of olives characteristics of this place : moresca and verdese , more properly known as “nocellara etnea”.